This is the list of the subject I want to write about in order to complete my three levels. This is my tiny motivator to keep on going with writing for you!

However, I am developing, priorities change so do subject on the list. Maybe I’ll delete some of them and add other. Who knows what will my wicked mind come up with!



✓  Become 3 levels better.
✓  4 Perks of Meditation Noticed by the Sceptical Person
✓  I am not good enough: a look at comparing.
✓  How is media shooting in the head of love?
✓ Why being laid-back is a virtue?
✓ How does it feel to quit a med school?
✓ All I want to say is they don’t really care about us.
✓ DON’T release your anger! There are better ways.
✓ How To Set Goals to Not Screw Up Your Life
✓ Mustard, project and passion in a relationship.



Huge targets – how to deal with them?
30 days of sport – clumsy human experiences
Recipe for overnight success
Win the game of life: great concepts form the book Superbetter
Tragic mistake of shooter from the Texas
Coincidence? Yup, definitely
Dear anxious lover
How to create a copywriting portfolio
There is no better moment
Dear med school student
The silent killer: overthinking
I refuse to kill a child!
I’m having a teenage rebellion as a 20yrs old
That pretty b*tch is begging for attention
Dear friend of quiet weird anxious person
Is assertiveness all about saying “no”?
Why so serious: humor in copywriting
Dear beginner at copywriting… and basically everything
The thing I learned from Gordon Ramsay’s masterclass (apart from making sophisticated scrambled eggs).
One month into graphic design: what can I teach you?
Memento mori: what can I tell you after classes in dissection room
Ultimate tip for finding your passion
Stiff human stretches. Hallelujah!
YouTube channels worth your attention
The importance of learning on your own
Travels and relationship
School, college, work, marriage, children, retirement – what if you don’t match it?
90% of everything is a bullsh*t
You sound just like Flume – how to successfully kill someone’s uniqueness
Don’t be afraid to ask